Knauf Frametherm Roll - All Sizes Loft Insulation
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Knauf Mineral Wool FrameTherm Roll - All Sizes


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Thickness Thermal Conductivity Pack Coverage Rolls Per Pallet
90mm 0.032 W/m 5.13m2 24
90mm 0.035 W/m 6.84m2 24
90mm 0.040 W/m 14.25m2 24
140mm 0.032 W/m 3.19m2 24
140mm 0.035 W/m 4.45m2 24
140mm 0.040 W/m 9.14m2 24


Knauf Glass Mineral Wool FrameTherm Insulation rolls are top of the line thermal and sound-proof insulation mineral wool slabs. These insulation rolls are non-combustible and made of flexible glass mineral wool, fit for application over outer walls and warm roofs in timber frame structures such as houses or buildings. 

The KnaufFrameTherm rolls are commonly cut to be 570mm wide in order to suit standard timber stud centres across all buildings. FrameTherm mineral wool rolls and slabs are typically used within timber-framed parting walls and are friction-fitted between studs and rafters to ensure better sound-absorbing qualities. Thanks to their handy, flexible, and readily installable structure, these rolls are a go-to insulation choice for most builders. The FlameTherm rolls are easy to install and leave no gaps between the adjoining roll or slab to ensure a tight fit and long-lasting insulation.

The Knauf FrameTherm roll is made of flexible and unfazed mineral wool quilt composed of non-combustible glass. FrameTherm Rolls are water-resistant and possess a water vapour resistance of 5.00 MNs/g.m.

FrameTherm rolls are free from CFCs and HCFCs and produce zero Ozone Layer Depletion Potential. They don't contribute to Global Warming Potential, making them an ecological substitute for home insulation. Besides that, FrameTherm Rolls are scentless, rot-proof and non-hygroscopic. They do not nurture vermin and will not promote fungi, mould, or bacteria.


  • Excellent reaction to fire - A1 rating
  • Unfazed mineral wool quilt
  • Flexible, easily cut
  • Sound absorption characteristics
  • Heat insulation capabilities
  • Odour Free does not decay 
  • Friction-fitted between studs
  • Poses no threat to the environment


  • Brand: Knauf Insulation
  • Material type: Glasswool
  • Lengths available: 2.80m,3.90m,4.50m,6m,8.02m,12.50m
  • Thermal conductivity range: 0.032 W/mK, 0.035 W/mK, 0.040 W/mK
  • Thickness: 90mm,140mm
  • Width: 1140mm


Store in polythene packs at a dry, cool place and preferably indoors when used on-site. Do not stack too many rolls over each other and keep clear off the ground.


This insulation quilt is manufactured under BSI Quality Assurance Standard BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 and is defined as mineral wool in BS 3533: 1981. It follows OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, as accredited by Bureau Veritas.

Width 1140mm
Material Type Glasswool

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