Gyproc Joint Filler 12.5kg bag Joint Fillers
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Gyproc Joint Filler 12.5kg bag

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Please note this product is non returnable

  • 12.5kg Gyproc Joint Filler: Consistent setting, low shrinkage, 90min working time.
  • For plasterboard joints, complements 3-stage jointing, EN 13963 compliant.
  • Apply promptly after sealant/primer, non-returnable once signed for.

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Introducing the Gyproc Joint Filler in a convenient 12.5kg bag, your go-to solution for flawless plasterboard jointing. This exceptional filler is expertly formulated for consistent setting time and effortless mixing, making it an ideal choice for bedding in bulk fittings and tapes. Its low shrinkage properties ensure a smooth and seamless finish, while the extended working time of 90 minutes allows you to work with precision. The Gyproc Joint Filler is a cost-effective and reliable option for both primary and secondary filling of plasterboard joints, perfectly complementing the traditional 3-stage jointing process. Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, this product simplifies the jointing process and guarantees exceptional results, making it a must-have for your plasterboard projects.


This is to be applied with the least delay after Gyproc Drywall Sealer or Gyproc Drywall Primer has dried. Also, most of the fire-rated British Gypsum systems need the board joints to be effectively filled, either through Thistle finish plasters or Gyproc jointing materials, even in areas where the system is not properly visible to the building users. This is required to accomplish the tested performance. This Plasterboard Joint Filler is especially suited for this purpose.

Key Features:

  • Weight (kg): 12.5
  • Coverage: 33m square approx
  • Drying Time: sets 1 hour
  • Size: 12.5kg Size/Qty (ML/L/G/KG)
  • Brand: Gyproc
  • Basic chemical care info: For disposal use licensed waste carrier
  • Pack Coverage: 34m²
  • Model No.: 5200004445
  • Complies with EN 13963, type 1B
  • Category: Plastering & Plasterboard
  • This product has a use-by date and once delivered and signed for can not be returned


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gyproc Joint Filler, and what is its primary purpose? Gyproc Joint Filler is a specialized compound designed for filling and finishing plasterboard joints in construction and renovation projects.

What are the advantages of using Gyproc Joint Filler? Gyproc Joint Filler is known for its consistent setting time, low shrinkage, and ease of mixing, making it an ideal choice for professional-quality jointing.

Can this joint filler be used for both primary and secondary filling of plasterboard joints? Yes, Gyproc Joint Filler is suitable for both primary and secondary filling, accommodating all stages of the jointing process.

What is the working time for Gyproc Joint Filler once mixed? Gyproc Joint Filler provides an extended working time of 90 minutes, allowing for precise application and smoothing.

Is this product suitable for DIY projects, or is it primarily for professionals? Gyproc Joint Filler is suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, offering a user-friendly application process.

Can I paint over Gyproc Joint Filler once it's dried and set? Yes, Gyproc Joint Filler can be painted over once it's fully dried, allowing you to achieve the desired finish for your project.

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