Breathaplasta Thermal Insulating Plaster x 9Kg Plaster
Breathaplasta Thermal Insulating Plaster x 9Kg Plaster
Breathaplasta Thermal Insulating Plaster x 9Kg Plaster
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Breathaplasta Thermal Insulating Plaster x 9Kg

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Revolutionize your home's insulation with Breathaplasta Thermal Insulating Plaster, now in a 9Kg pack at Designed for quick application on solid masonry walls, this plaster sets in just two hours per coat, offering a 60% U value improvement with a mere 50mm application. Boasting a fabric-first approach, it not only enhances insulation but also reduces condensation and mold risks, creating a healthier home. Fast, easy to install, and with UKCA & CE markings, this plaster is a sustainable, A1 fire-rated choice for efficient internal wall insulation. Upgrade your space with Breathaplasta Thermal today!

Key Features:

  • Fastest setting breathable plaster on the market (setting time of 2 hours) 
  • Reduces risk of condensation and mould.
  • Highly insulating thermal base (tested k-value of 0.127W/mk) 
  • Vapour permeable and moisture buffering - allows your home to ‘breathe’.
  • Fast and easy to install - faster completion times reduce labour costs.
  • UKCA & CE marked with A1 fire rating
  • Made in the UK
  • Fully Recyclable Product


  • Breathaplasta Thermal is designed to be applied to solid masonry walls only. 
  • Suitable walls are constructed from one or more of the following materials; brick, block, and stone. 
  • Substrates must be uniformly flat. Dub out and consolidate uneven masonry (see surface preparation). 
  • Porous backgrounds should be misted with clean water before plastering to help control suction (see surface preparation)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Breathaplasta Thermal Insulating Plaster, and how does it work? Breathaplasta Thermal is a quick-setting, low-density plaster designed for the rapid build-up of internal faces of solid walls. It enhances insulation, reduces condensation, and improves the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Can Breathaplasta Thermal be applied to all types of solid masonry walls? Yes, it is specifically designed for application on solid masonry walls, including brick, block, and stone.

How thick should each coat be, and what is the recommended total thickness? The maximum thickness per coat is 40mm, and typical application involves two or more passes with a total thickness of 80mm (40mm base coat and 40mm top coat).

What is the setting time for Breathaplasta Thermal? The plaster sets in approximately two hours per coat, making it one of the fastest-setting breathable plasters on the market.

How much does a 9Kg package cover, and how many coats can be applied in a day? A 9Kg package covers a specific area, and multiple coats can be applied in a single day, thanks to the quick setting time.

What are the key features that make Breathaplasta Thermal stand out? Some key features include its fast setting time, high insulation properties (tested k-value of 0.127W/mk), breathability, and a UKCA & CE marking with an A1 fire rating.

Is Breathaplasta Thermal environmentally friendly? Yes, it is fully recyclable and made in the UK, aligning with sustainable practices.

Can it be used in conjunction with other insulation products? Yes, Breathaplasta Thermal can be part of a comprehensive insulation strategy. However, always consult with a professional for specific project requirements.

What surface preparation is required before applying Breathaplasta Thermal? Substrates must be uniformly flat, and porous backgrounds should be misted with clean water before plastering to control suction. Uneven masonry should be dubbed out and consolidated.

Samples available, please email - for more info.

Brand Adaptavate
Coverage Up To 2m2 per 9kg Bag
Pack Size 9kg Bag
Shelf Life 6 Months

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