Acuphon PhonoLay Acoustic Foam Underlay - 10mm x 1.2m x 48m (57.6m2 Roll)
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Acuphon PhonoLay Acoustic Foam Underlay - 10mm x 1.2m x 48m (57.6m2 Roll)


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  • Impact noise reduction with 10mm thickness
  • Covers 57.6m² per roll, versatile applications
  • Crafted from cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam

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Introducing Acuphon PhonoLay: the ultimate solution for impact noise reduction and acoustic insulation. Crafted from inert, cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam, this 10mm thick underlay covers an impressive 57.6m² per roll, making it perfect for various applications including beneath concrete screeds and laminate or timber flooring installations.

Experience superior noise reduction with Acuphon PhonoLay. Its high compression strength and minimal thickness loss ensure maximum impact, providing a quieter, more comfortable environment for your home or commercial space. Say goodbye to disruptive sounds and hello to enhanced insulation with Acuphon PhonoLay from!

Key Features

  • Impact noise reduction
  • High compression strength
  • Minimal thickness loss
  • Versatile applications
  • Cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam
  • 10mm thickness
  • Covers 57.6m² per roll


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acuphon PhonoLay made of? Acuphon PhonoLay is crafted from inert, cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam, ensuring durability and excellent compression strength.

 What thickness is Acuphon PhonoLay available in? Acuphon PhonoLay is available in a 10mm thickness, providing optimal impact noise reduction without sacrificing floor height.

Can Acuphon PhonoLay be used with different flooring types? Yes, Acuphon PhonoLay is versatile and suitable for use beneath various flooring types, including concrete screeds, laminate, and timber flooring.

How much area does one roll of Acuphon PhonoLay cover? Each roll of Acuphon PhonoLay covers an impressive 57.6m², providing ample coverage for larger areas.

Does Acuphon PhonoLay reduce thickness loss over time? Yes, Acuphon PhonoLay is designed to minimize thickness loss, ensuring long-lasting performance and continued impact noise reduction.

Is Acuphon PhonoLay easy to install? Yes, Acuphon PhonoLay is supplied in large rolls for easy handling and installation, making it a convenient solution for acoustic insulation projects.

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