Kingspan Greenguard

Extruded polystyrene insulation - Previously known as Styrozone.
GreenGuard GG500 600mm x 1250mm - All Sizes
GreenGuard GG500 600mm x 1250mm - All Sizes Floor Insulation
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Welcome to the Kingspan Greenguard category page at Insulation4Less, where quality meets sustainability. Kingspan, as one of the leading manufacturers of premium-quality insulation products, introduces its GreenGuard line to address various insulation needs while promoting an environmentally-friendly approach.

Comprehensive Protection with GreenGuard GG500

GreenGuard GG500 represents the pinnacle of excellence within the Kingspan Greenguard lineup. Available in a size of 600mm x 1250mm and encompassing various thicknesses to suit distinct requirements, the GG500 series embodies the fortitude and durability that Kingspan products are widely recognised for.

Practical Uses

The GreenGuard GG500 series is renowned for offering robust protection against heat, thereby contributing to energy efficiency and creating comfortable interior spaces. These insulating boards are crafted to:

  • Maximise Energy Efficiency: Help retain indoor temperatures, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.
  • Moisture Management: With its unique design and materials, it provides excellent resistance against moisture ingress, safeguarding the structure’s integrity.
  • Enhance Building Longevity: By providing consistent thermal performance and moisture protection.


Diverse Applications

The GG500 series can be utilised in a multitude of applications, such as:

  • Wall Insulation: Ensuring walls are thermally consistent and safeguarded against potential moisture damage.
  • Floor Insulation: Offering a stable and thermally effective solution under diverse flooring types.
  • Roofing Solutions: Enhancing thermal performance and providing an extra layer of protection from external elements.


Selecting Your Kingspan GreenGuard Insulation

Navigating through the array of choices available within the Kingspan Greenguard category might be daunting, but here’s a simplified guideline to assist you:

  • Assessing Your Need: Identify the area(s) requiring insulation, and understand the specific demands of that space (e.g., high moisture area, etc.).
  • Selecting the Appropriate Thickness: The GG500 is available in different thicknesses. Understand the specific U-values (a measure of thermal transmittance) and R-values (thermal resistance) you need to comply with the regulatory and functional requirements.
  • Installation Considerations: Factor in the ease of installation, ensuring that the insulation boards can be conveniently handled and installed within the available space.
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