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Celotex Limited: The UK's Biggest PIR Insulation manufacturer

Celotex ltd make energy efficient PIR thermal insulation board and have been in business for 30+ years and their products are made in the United Kingdom. Celotex insulation boards are made of polyisocyanurate foam, aluminum foil, which is a very popular insulation product.

Celotex and Isover are two brands of the same parent company, Saint-Gobain

Is Celotex a UK company?  

Celotex is a British manufacturer of energy efficient PIR thermal insulation board and has been operational for over 30 years.

Celotex has two manufacturing plants in the United Kingdom, both of which produce PIR insulation: Hadleigh in Suffolk and Eggborough in Yorkshire.

Saint-Gobain purchased Celotex in 2012

Who Owns Celotex?

Saint-Gobain is a massive multinational construction materials manufacturing giant.

With 45 production sites across the United Kingdom and Ireland, they produce high-performing goods and solutions for a range of industries, including but not limited to construction.

They serve the industrial, automotive, power generation, agriculture, healthcare, and other sectors. They also have a large global coverage in over 80 countries, which allows them to serve customers around the world.

Celotex limited company history

In the 1970s, Celotex limited started developing the current product range, with limited production of rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) starting at Hadleigh in 1980

Though PIR was an excellent product, it remained a niche product for many years.

However, in 2002, when stricter building regulations came in, they required ever-higher levels of insulation. So PIR became popular because it takes up less space than other materials.

The Hadleigh plant is now the largest PIR facility in the UK.

About ISOVER insulation

ISOVER is a sister company to Celotex. They are both owned by the same parent company.

Isover manufacture mineral wool type insulation.

ISOVER mineral wool insulation is made in Runcorn in Cheshire.

Celotex BREEAM product Accreditation

Celotex manufactures insulated plasterboard with an A+ rating from BRE Green Guide ratings and also holds an A rating for general purpose PIR range of products which includes TB4000, GA4000, XR4000 and CW4000 ranges. The certificate of approval can be downloaded on the celotex website to show they have achieved BREEAM accreditation

The BRE Green Guide ratings are set out as an A+ to E ranking system. This means that the best environmental performance (A+) has the least environmental impact, and the worst environmental performance (E) has the most environmental impact. The Green Guide ratings show how each company performs on different issues. We can tell which companies have better or worse performances by comparing their ratings with other companies.

How to choose the best supplier

Choosing the best celotex insulation supplier is hard because there are many different things to take into account. You will want to think about their reputation, product range, and customer service.

What is celotex insulation used for? celotex insulation is a kind of insulation that you can use in many ways. You can use it in walls, floors, roofs, and more. It is very popular because it comes in different sizes with different thicknesses.