Where can I Use Kingspan insulation and what products go where?

With the fast changes in the weather conditions these years, it has become very vital to treat our homes and buildings with high-quality insulation material. With this responsibility on us, it becomes very difficult to decide what brand to choose among all the brands available in the market. Here we bring you a solution to this problem. Out of all the insulation material available in the market, Kingspan insulation is among those brands which have been tested and are said to have a great result in home insulation. Next problem that we face is out of all these subcategories of Kingspan, which material is to be used where? So to serve you with a solution to this problem, we have listed the materials which will best suit various locations in your house. We first tell you about some special types of Kingspan products available:

Kingspan Kooltherm;

Designed mainly for commercial as well as residential insulation, Kingspan Kooltherm has a high tolerance, unmatchable performance, and a range of very durable phenolic insulation materials. Out of all the products available in the market, Kooltherm sheets have been providing the lowest possible ‘thermal transmittance’. Also, it is very resistant to water vapour. It absorbs moisture as low as 2%. It is strong with compressive strength of around 175kpa. All of the versions of Kooltherm are manufactured with blowing agents having zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and minimum GWP (Global Warming Potential) which makes them eco-friendly.

We now tell you specifically what material will be most suitable for which part of your house and will give the best results:

Floor insulation;

Floor insulation is a very important aspect you need to take care of. The best-suited material for floor insulation is Kingspan K5. With a thermal conductivity ranging from 0.021-0.020W/mK, it has a glass tissue texture. You can also use Kingspan Styrozone. It can be used anywhere in your house as it is flexible in thickness and ranges from 30mm to 140 mm. Kingspan TF70 range offers material specially designed for floor insulation. It has both surfaces made of thermostat core and is foiled faced with a thermal resistance of 0.022 W/mK. The Kingspan TF70 board would be the most widely used floor insulation in the Kingspan range.

Internal walls;

Internal walls need to be insulated very efficiently because there are a number of factors which can lead to heat loss which further leads to problems such as dampness. Kooltherm k17 is an insulated plasterboard which is used for internal wall insulation. It has plasterboard on its front surface and a glass tissue polyiso on the reverse surface. Thermal conductivity is ranged from 0.020-0.19 W/m.K. they are highly resistible.


Similar to k17, k18 is also designed for internal wall insulation. It has plasterboard on its front face and composite foil the reverse face. Thermal conductivity ranged from 0.020-0.19 W/m.K.


External walls;


While we keep ourselves busy with internal insulation, it is also very important to keep in mind external wall insulation. Kooltherm k5 board is designed solely for external wall insulation especially with brick walls and cladding systems which are dry. It has thermal conductivity range from 0.020-0.023 W/m.K. It has a glass tissue texture. For use as an external wall insulation, the K5 offers a very flexible application process and is readily available.

Roof insulation;

Roofs of our homes and other buildings tend to lose heat. If not insulated properly, they might also begin condensation build-up as it is exposed to rain and moisture. This will not only harm your building but will also affect your health adversely. Kooltherm k7 boards are used for roof insulation and are used under slates or tiles. With thermal conductivity range of 0.020-0.023 W/m.K, k7 board has a composite foil texture. Special range of Kingspan TR26 and TR27 are available which have coated glass tissue surface on both sides. Both kinds of roofs, plain or vegetated can be perfectly insulated using either H350R or N300R models of Kingspan Styrozone. Board sizes are 1.25 by 0.6m. Since H350R has a high compressive strength, it is common to all types of house insulation applications. KingspanTP10 can also be used for insulation of warm or pitched roofs. The TP10 board is a polyiso board similar to the TF70 board with foil face on both sides.

Cavity walls;

Cavity walls are the area people mostly miss out on during the insulation process which later on brings a lot of trouble. You must not make this mistake and insulate your cavity walls right away. Kingspan k8 board is a special type of Kooltherm designed for cavity wall insulation. Thermal conductivity ranges from 0.020-0.023 W/m.K. Its texture is composite foil. You can also go for Kingspan k12 board which will provide you with good results. They have a composite foil facing on both the surfaces which results in better insulation. The Kooltherm range will always give you a better thermal result when compared with a standard Polyiso board so when deciding which is best it is recommended to know what board will suit your application and pocket the best.


Kingspan has a special range for rain screens too. Kingspan Kooltherm k15 is designed for this purpose. It has thermoset phenolic core and a thermal conductivity range of 0.020-0.023 W/m.K, k15 is also known to provide quality insulation for rain screens. These boards are tested specifically for rain screen applications and are the perfect products when installed to manufacturer’s instructions.

Kingspan has been serving its customers for many years and they have a history of providing quality services. They do not aim at selling; they aim at satisfying their customer needs and maintaining a good relationship with them. They never get complaints and even if they do, Kingspan's priority is resolving the matter and making up with the customer by providing on-time services. If you face trouble at any point of time, maybe during selection or during the installation you can contact us and we will take you to professionals who have a lot of experience. You may send us your queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

You can get any insulation material of your choice at our site www.insulation4less.co.uk. Orders above £300 will get nationwide free delivery. You will always be welcomed to ask any questions you have and well will be happy to help. You can also find other users and consult them if you are unsure about the results of any of the brands available with us.

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