Top 20 features that will sell your home

How to sell your home

Selling your home can be a long and tremendous task. For people wanting to sell their own homes or those who look at this from a business point of view, the first and foremost thing is to understand what exactly it is that buyers are looking for. Having a sound understanding of the market is essential when putting your house on sale. Every home offers a different range of features which is likely to appeal to a different type of buyer. But according to popular polls, there are some factors that are likely to significantly increase your home's value in the market. Now if your house already meets these criteria then great, but if you feel like it may be a little on the downside, you can always update your house to include some popular features that buyers want in order to increase its sell-ability. A little investment can definitely go a long way. 

Now most of us would argue that the top factor that buyers consider when looking for a house is the location. As everyone says "location is everything." While we agree that location is definitely an important factor, but it’s not the only thing that buyers look for.  Yes, every home buyer wants a home in a beautiful location but close proximity to markets and good local schools are also factors that families with young children take into consideration. A nearby park is an added bonus. According to another survey, buyers look for the type of amenities your home has to offer with central heating and double glazed windows topping the ranking. Buyers want good energy efficient ratings and even cavity wall insulation when looking for the perfect house. Reliable broadband and phone signals also rank as some of the important features. 

Research shows that buyers now consider more practical aspects of the home when deciding which home to buy. They rank this more important than aesthetics and the look of the home. Buyers are looking for comfortable warm homes that are superior from a more practical point of view, which means they want modern insulation products with high energy efficient ratings. Since paying mortgages, taxes and utility bills has become haste for the majority of homeowners, what they are looking for is a reduction in the going costs of running a home. This means features like well - insulated homes and efficient central heating are key for any home buyer.  

The next factor in line for homeowners is the level of neighborhood security, crime rates, police patrol, and secure doors and windows. They also look for friendly neighborhoods and friendly neighbors. These factors are especially important form home buyers with a family. Another feature that home buyers look for is a bathtub and separate shower cubicles in the bathroom. This apparently is also on the list of priorities for homebuyers. Not to mention that there must be two toilets. For homeowners looking to sell their homes, adding some of these features to their house can boost up the desirability of their real estate. Polls have shown that bathroom quality and features are extremely important for buyers with living and dining rooms ranking comparatively lower. Maybe having full decked out bathrooms with Jacuzzi installments and Spanish mosaic wall tiles may be pushing it a bit too far, but buyers do tend to appreciate slightly spacious bathrooms a bit on the luxurious side.

Another popular feature buyers look for is reliable broadband and phone signals, which even rates higher than good schools. Buyers nowadays prefer off-road parking over garages and want a living room large enough to fit a flat screen TV. Due to the increasing importance of technology, it is essential for homes to be able to provide uninterrupted and smooth signals. A strong internet connecting and reliable mobile phone services have become essentials when looking for a home. These factors have now become key in the essentials of modern home buying. Changing lifestyles also means changes in home buyers demands when searching for homes. 

The goal of the modern home buyers is landing themselves a cozy, comfortable house decked out with all basic amenities. The quality and cost of the amenities are essentially important to home buyers keeping in mind the rising mortgages, property taxes, and every increasing utility bills. Buyers want homes that offer maximum efficiency which means well-insulated walls, insulated attics and insulated floors along with double glazing on the windows and central heating to keep the bills down. Other than that we see a rising trend in good bathroom sizes and bathroom amenities. For those home sellers who cannot afford full bathroom renovations before putting their house the on the market the least they can do is ensure there are no leaking pipes and smooth running showers and faucets in their bathrooms because these are essentials that home buyers give priority to.

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