Thermal Insulation: Key to Reliable Electrical Heat Tracing

 Most of the commercial and industrial piping systems require proper temperature maintenance. Both, the process temperature maintenance and the freeze protection signify the need of heat tracing. The temperature maintenance can be simply accomplished by installing only recognized thermal insulation products by the reputed insulation materials supplier. In some cases, temperature maintenance might require an addition of heat in the form of steam tubes, electrical heaters, or hydraulic fluids.


 In 60’s, about 95% of heat tracing was steam. From the beginning, it has been used to serve this purpose and was totally overpowering. However, the maintenance cost, environmental necessities for condensation, and energy preservation have made it comparatively less economical in some cases. You will find a percentage drop of 30%-40% (approx.) in recent times and it is all because of the innovative electrical heat tracing system. It has become a preferred choice for most of the engineers due to the perfect balance between the heat supplies and heat loss, especially in colder environments.


 The electrical heat tracing is quite similar to a stool with three legs:


  • One leg is: the quality of the cable used, i.e. the heat trace cable and the thermal insulation

  • The second one is: quality engineering, i.e. choosing the proper wattage high-performance thermal insulation, surrounding temperature, other safety factors, etc.

  • The third one is: installing quality piping and heat tracing system


 If you compromise on one of these legs, the system may not perform according to your expectations. One of the most common problems often observed is the thermal inconsistencies in the heat tracing systems, specifically in the elbows, valves, tees, etc. To tackle such problems and get the most out of it, you need excellent thermal insulation and quality engineering works that last for long. That’s the reason, application of reliable thermal insulation materials has become a key to the system balance.


 With online marketing on the rise, the choices of insulation products have become wider. There are numerous insulation brands offering thermal insulation products of the highest quality with all the detail on their site. You can easily make the decision and pick the right ones for your requirement at the most economical price. For safe performance and sustainable growth, choose only the best insulation materials supplier.

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