Kingspan U Value Calculator

kingspan u value calculator

The Kingspan U-value calculator is a free online tool and mobile app that allows users to easily calculate U-values for floors, walls, and roofs. U-values are crucial as they measure the rate of heat loss in a building element, such as a wall or roof.

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Overview of U-values

  • A U-value indicates the rate of heat loss in W/m2K through a specific building element.
  • The lower the U-value, the better the insulating performance.
  • U-values play a key role in showcasing a building's compliance with thermal performance regulations.

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Using the Kingspan U-value Calculator

The calculator is accessible both online and through mobile apps for iOS and Android.

To make the most of the calculator:

  • Begin by selecting the type of building element - this can be a floor, wall, or roof.
  • Input specific details like the materials used and the thickness of the insulation.
  • The tool will then suggest the best insulation solution and thickness to meet your desired U-value.
  • Users have the flexibility to adjust the inputs to fine-tune their design.
  • Once done, the completed calculations can be conveniently sent as PDF reports.

Key features include:

  • Access to over 6000 pre-calculated U-values suitable for most construction scenarios.
  • Integration of renowned Kingspan products like Kooltherm and OPTIM-R.
  • Outputs that have been endorsed by Kingspan's technical specialists.
  • Full compatibility with UK building regulations.
  • The best part? It's free, with no registration hassles.

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  • Provides a quick way for builders to verify compliance, especially when on-site, thanks to mobile access.
  • Offers accurate results that users can trust.
  • Drastically cuts down the time needed for manual U-value calculations.
  • Assists in determining the perfect insulation thickness.
  • Enables users to create and share professional PDF reports.

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In essence, the Kingspan U-value calculator offers a streamlined approach to designing energy-efficient building envelopes, and its easy accessibility combined with its validated results makes it a must-have for insulation specification.

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