Kingspan Kooltherm. Is it a good product for you?

Kingspan Kooltherm


Kingspan Kooltherm
Is it a good product for you?

Kingspan Kooltherm has unmatchable performance, high tolerance and very durable phenolic insulants designed especially for commercial insulation and as well as residential insulation. Kooltherm sheets provide the lowest possible thermal transmittance out of all the PIR products available in the market. It is extremely resistant to water vapour as it absorbs moisture as low as 2%. Also, it is strong and has a compressive strength of about 175kpa. It has many versions like k3, k7, k8, k10, k12, k15, k17, k18, k106 and k108. All of these are manufactured only with those blowing agents which have zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and minimum GWP (Global Warming Potential), making them eco-friendly. Their non-fibre core makes them extremely safe and easy to install. It is available in thickness of your preference. There is a different kind of board available for all parts of your building as each area requires a different specification. This results in an enhanced performance. Kooltherm boards are among the best insulation boards available in the entire market. Once installed, they insulate your building for a lifetime. Here are some specifications of the different types of boards available.

Kooltherm K3

Kooltherm k3 is designed especially for the insulation of your floors. It can be used in all kinds of floors like concrete, timber, block or any other types. It has a thermal conductivity ranging from 0.021-0.020W/m.K.It has a glass tissue texture.

Kooltherm K5

Kooltherm k5 board is designed solely for external insulation especially with brick / block walls and cladding systems which are dry. It has thermal conductivity range from 0.020-0.023 W/m.K. It has a glass tissue texture.

Kooltherm K7

Kooltherm k7 boards are used for roof insulation and are used under slates or tiles. With a thermal conductivity range of 0.020-0.023 W/m.K, The K7 board has a composite foil texture.

Kooltherm K8

Kooltherm k8 board is a special type of Kooltherm designed for cavity wall insulation. Thermal conductivity ranges from 0.020-0.023 W/m.K. Its texture is composite foil.

Kooltherm K10 & K10 PLUS

Kooltherm k10 & k10 PLUS boards are used for structural celling and for finishing respectively. K10 plus has a conductivity range from 0.020-0.27 W/m.K and a glass tissue structure. These give a nice appearance to your celling. Another version ‘k10 white’ is also available.

Kooltherm K12

If you have steel or timber frame walls, Kooltherm k12 boards are the best as they insulating face on both sides and have a composite foil facing and thermal conductivity range in 0.020-0.023 W/m.K.

Kooltherm K15

If you have rainscreen system, Kooltherm k15 boards can be the best insulation providers with thermal conductivity ranged between 0.020-0.023 W/m.K.

Kooltherm K17

Kooltherm k17 is plasterboard which is used for internal wall insulation. It has plasterboard on its front surface and a glass tissue on the reverse surface. Thermal conductivity is ranged from 0.020-0.19 W/m.K. they are highly resistible.

Kooltherm K18

Similar to Kooltherm k17, k18 is also designed for internal wall insulation. It has plasterboard on its front face and composite foil the reverse face. Thermal conductivity ranged from 0.020-0.19 W/m.K.



Installation is a very important step. Firstly, Kooltherm boards should never be stored outside, keep them safe and away from moisture. Boards that have been subjected to water or other moisture should not be used for insulation purpose. Methyl Ethyl ketone can be harmful for the core of the boards and it should therefore be kept in mind that no product containing this solvent is brought in contact with the board.

The board should be cut precisely according to the correct measurements.

Floor insulation will require two layers of board, and a polythene sheet is to be overlaid after installing the floorboard to prevent moisture to enter. Also care must be taken to avoid installation of the board under direct load foundation point. Wall insulation will require a single layer. While installing boards in the external walls, vertical joints must be coinciding with vertical members. Boards must be butted lightly so as to ease the process of insulation. Take special care to use insulation fasteners having a head diameter of at least 35mm for ceiling insulators. This will ensure a permanent fix for your board. You can use the method of taping for fixing wall insulators also. Aluminium foil which is 48mm in width can be used to do so.

Plasterboards can be fixed either by making an adhesive bond or by mechanically fitting it. This depends on the wall on which the plasterboard is to be attached. While the cavity boards are to be fixed by wall ties or retaining clips.

External wall insulation boards should only be installed by sanctioned installers. It is required to have a higher technical skill which will not be possible to install it without some expert guidance.


Where Do You Get These?

You can buy any of these Kooltherm boards with the thickness you require on our website . You will get all variety in sizes and information at this site. You will receive your order after placed online within a few days. You can see user reviews and suggestions and decide which kind will suit your building the best.

Service Facilities

You can log on to the site for any queries or any problems you face while trying to purchase your product and speak with any of our LiveChat sales representatives. We will be happy to help you and provide the best service we can. Kooltherm insulation boards are well used by the majority of the population without any flaws. Installers are available for assisting in fixing the insulation boards which maybe beyond your skill. Just price around first if need be. Boards used are tested and verified for optimum performance. You must try Kooltherm insulation boards for yourself!

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