How warm houses change lives

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How warm houses change lives

Home insulation is one of the best measures one can take in order to increase energy efficiency and on the other hand, it aids in reducing your monthly utility bills. It is also to bound to make your house warmer, much more comfortable and at the same time reduce its impact on the environment as the process of home insulation is carried out.

Home insulation though mostly associated with providing protection in cold weather works as a barrier for both the seasons-the very hot times and the cold stretches. In the summer time, knauf insulation acts as a barrier and thus does not allow for hot air to enter and the cold air to escape; similarly, in the winter time it traps the hot air in the environment of the house, allowing for the house to say cozy.

Moreover, cheap insulation is low cost to the extent that typically it will pay for its cost in less than a period of five years due to the savings made in the area of energy. Knauf insulation can also be beneficial as far as renting the house or the decision to sell is concerned; the rating that your home receives on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will be improved automatically driving up the rent amount or the price of the house.

Though it is not a straight forward case to exactly measure how much one can save in utility bills owing to home insulation, the amount is significant enough to make a difference. The amount saved will generally depend on factors such as the size of the structure of the house as well as the kind of home insulation material you choose. Rest assured, a lot of savings can be earned when the loft and attic insulation is appropriately installed as such places act as the gateways for an escape of warm air. Also, a significant amount of annual savings can be made with cavity wall insulation but the most savings result from solid wall insulation as well as solid floor insulation. Many people are also of the view that since hot air rises heat is mostly lost through the ceiling and roof and thus believe only roof insulation would solve the problem; while roof insulation does reduce heat transfer, in reality, hot air moves in all directions and that is why floor insulation, wall insulation and attic insulation play an equally important role.

It is seen as vital for the well-being of the entire family to keep your house warm enough as well as dry. This especially holds true when there are children and older people involved. Cold and damp homes are linked to poor health and concerns such as common colds that may take a turn for the worse. The problem becomes much more severe when the issue is to keep the temperature stable as the nights get colder than the days and also due to a sudden temperature drop during rains. This can limit certain actions in one's lifestyle such as the opening of windows, curtains, doors of bedrooms and so on, and the continuous use of the heating system can substantially drive up the budget for utility expenses. A suitable form of home insulation however, can cater to all such issues. It also allows for the partial use of the heating system as home insulation can serve in trapping the heat inside the house once it is warm and the heating system may be turned off.

For home insulation, there are many companies to choose from, with the leading ones being Celotex, Kingspan, Knauf insulation and Isover insulation. Celotex has been catering to the home insulation market since 1925 and offers solutions with features such as U-value calculator, guidance for appropriate home insulation material, BIM objects, third party approvals for its products and registration for a CPD seminar. Celotex offers a wide range of home insulation materials the foundation of which lies in unique PIR insulation boards that may be chosen according to the requirement of the application. Kingspan takes the home insulation arena a step further with its innovation and high-performance insulation based on building fabric and solar integrated building envelopes. The target market, products, and application of Kingspan can be gauged by a look at a simple over view provided on the website. It shows in a glance that Kingspan markets mainly insulated panels but also creates insulation boards and floors and the main idea are that of energy efficiency as well as conversion. Though Kingspan has typically catered to mainland Europe and the United Kingdom, being a global server it also targets North America, Ireland, and other markets. It serves both commercial and residential sectors with the main target being the new built commercial structures.

Knauf insulation offers roof solutions, wall solutions and floor solutions to homeowners, builders, stockists and specifiers. Its product range comprises of glass mineral wool rolls and slabs, rock mineral wool, polyfoam and Thermo shell. It offers distinction of products based on the application or use, for instance, it offers earth wool roll products which are categorized as loft insulation rolls, acoustic rolls and other rolls for special uses. Under the Earthwool slab products, it carries cavity wall slabs for cavity insulation, floor slabs, external wall slabs and multipurpose slabs (the building and flexible slabs). Isover insulation offers home insulation material promising exceptional durability and strength while focusing on natural materials which are environment-friendly. It also offers varied insulation materials meant to meet unique home insulation uses.

Since have a warm home offers multiple benefits and home insulation is a low-cost solution that will reap many benefits in the long run, it is highly advisable. On average, there are around 25,000 excess winter deaths each year in the UK. There is strong evidence that some of these winter deaths are indeed 'extra' and are related to cold temperatures as well as infectious diseases such as flu. In 2013, there were 2.35 million households in the UK in fuel poverty. Thus, having an efficient home insulation solution to support you, may save you and your family trouble both health wise and in the realm of energy efficiency.

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