How to keep your house warm this winter

How to keep your house warm this winter

How to heat your home

The season is about to change soon and there is an immediate requirement for you to start preparing for insulation of the building to prevent heat loss and to keep your home warm and cosy. You might have thought about simple techniques such as two-way fans or many other remedies but there is one permanent solution to the problem of heat loss in the winter. By using home insulation materials while building or renovating the house you can overcome this problem. There is an adverse effect of global warming which has brought about a huge change in the weather. The winter has become much colder than they used to be years ago and the summers have started to become hotter as the years are passing by. You will not have to bother about heat loss in winters for the rest of your life with our few simple tips. Here are a few points you would like to know about insulation which will help you to keep your house cosy and warm in the winter season. All you have to do is choose what is the best for you and go ahead with the idea of installing the insulation material and making your home completely insulated and ideal for all seasons.

Floor insulation

Insulating you floor is another important aspect. A special range of products, Celotex floor insulation, is available which gives high quality floor insulation. Celotex is very popular among the builders in the UK. The cost is not very high and you get the best results which is all you need! Other brands like KingspanRockwoolRecticel and Knauf are also available when it comes to high-quality products. They have a trusted customer circle most of which are happy with the product and are advising others to use the same. If you have a complaint against any material, it is immediately fixed so as to keep the customer satisfied to the maximum.

Wall insulation

The walls of the building need to be insulated with such high quality that minimum possible heat passes out from the room, keeping it warm. Rockwool insulation, Celotex, Knauf, Kingspan and many other products are available which can solve this purpose. The sheets of these materials are durable and will not cause a problem of any sort if installed properly. Kingspan TF70 is a special range of floor insulating material that can be used in walls if need be. They have composite foil facing and thermal conductivity of about 0.022W/m.K. There is inside walls and there are outside walls and both the walls have different sheet requirements. Some of the areas will require more number so as to neutralise the effect. 

Attic insulation

For places like your attic, all you need is high performance in minimum dimension. A complete range of loft insulation products from Superglass, Rockwool, Knauf and Sheep Wool is available which are durable, recyclable and resistant to decay in any condition. You can get the material as per your choice and requirement. These are difficult to reach areas of your house which can be left out if you are not aware of the architecture of the building. This can be a great loophole in the insulation process and all your efforts will go waste. Most of the heat generated within your home will be lost out through your attic if this is not insulated correctly, so my advice is to look there first before you insulate anywhere else. Get your attic right and then focus on the other areas of heat loss.

Roof insulation

Lifelong thermal protective range of roof insulation materials are available from all the well-known makers like Kingspan, Recticel and Knauf. Celotex GA4000 series provide a special range of wall and roof insulation sheets with thermal conductivity of about 0.022W/mK. They have a foil facing which serves well to the demand of wall and roof insulation. Another successful roof insulation material is Ecotherm insulation. This range is also trusted and best used for roof insulation.

Cavity wall insulation

Installation of cavity wall insulation is very essential if you wish to keep the building thermally shielded and to reduce your electricity bill in winter. The maximum heat loss that happens is through the cavity walls. So it becomes very important to use the best quality insulation material in cavity walls. Trusted brands such as Kingspan, Celotex, Recticel, Isover, Knauf and many other brands are the ones you should opt for rather than local brands being sold at a lower rate and fake features.


Once you have decided which place will require which type of insulation material, you need to decide the installation. If you have knowledge in the field you can go through the installation procedure of each area and fix the sheets accordingly. If you are a newbie you can always approach professionals who will provide you with installation support. The professionals will come and fix up the installation material for you without any high charges. You can also call and get guidance from Insulation4less to make a better decision.

After installation of insulation material in your building you will not regret making the decision. You will get a warm house in winter and a cool house in summer. The material is available easily and in any size. You do not have to worry about extra purchases. You will get support in every aspect. If you face trouble after installation it will be fixed by the ones who installed it, you only need to inform them. If you choose materials as listed above, you do not have to worry about decaying material or other flaws as all the brands have been tried and tested over the years. You need to go along with weather change and prepare for what is yet to come in the nearby years and start saving on your bills today.

Where do you get the material?

You can get the materials of your choice, information and fixing services at the site You can pick and choose the required service and if your order costs are more than £300, you will get free delivery nationwide. We have experienced staff that will not misguide you at any point of time and will provide you with what is best. Our support team is at your service 24x7 whether it is information you need or just a general query regarding your residential insulation! We will be happy to serve you.


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