How Celotex Insulation Sheathing Makes Your Home Much Cosier?


Home owners who understand the necessity of insulating are always on the quest of the right insulation product. They understand that complete insulation saves from various overhead costs. Cold walls aren't suitable neither for summer nor winter. They reduce the comfort area of a house and creates a chilling temperature. Insulated walls, on the other hand, means warmer walls. They maintain more healthful temperature within the house and is essential for seasonal comfort, family health, and fuel economy.


Celotex Insulation Sheathing is one of the most energy-efficient insulation available. Here are a few characteristics of the material the proves why installing them will make your abode much cosier:

  • Low U-Value – This is the measure of overall heat transfer coefficient. Simply put, it describes how well the insulated wall resists the passage of the heat. Celotex insulationoffers an excellent thermal conductivity thereby reducing the unnecessary usage of energy and resources.


  • Moisture Barrier – The closed-cell structure and laminated aluminium foil facings of Celotex insulation board acts as an effective moisture barrier.


  • Economical Sidewall and Roof Insulation – In suburban homes, 60% of heat is lost through sidewalls and 40% of the roofs. Also, two-third of the heat gained in summer enters through roof and one-third from sidewalls, It is therefore prudent to insulate both of them for a year-round comfort and economy. Celotex Insulation Sheathing being less costlier is the most economical product to insulate your roof and sidewalls.


With Celotex insulation products, one thing is sure that you will receive lower fuel bills. The house becomes more comfortable and healthier for both, winter and summer. Homes with this insulation products are also more salable and if your house is having this insulation, expect a handsome amount when it is out for sale. The product comes in a variety of finishes and is suitable for both, exposed and concealed application. 

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