Celotex launch a new fulfill cavity wall insulation CF5000. Where can I use this and what are the benefits?

celotex cavity wall insulation

The most recent expansion to the organization's "5000" range extends, Celotex CF5000 conveys a U-value inside the mass of 0.18 W/m²K without the need to enlarge the cavity.

Cavity insulation development remains the UK's most regular form strategy, with 70% of 27.4 million homes worked with cavity insulation. While indicating superior protection for cavity divider extends today, assembling experts must strike a harmony between execution, expense, and consistency whilst meeting the prerequisites of Building Regulations.

Celotex CF5000 is a premium execution full fill cavity insulation arrangement and is BBA confirmed. Making utilization of the entire cavity width, CF5000 streamlines the warm execution through the insulation and such, accomplishes lower U-values without the necessity to broaden the cavity, enhancing your home heat retention's effectiveness.

Mechanically designed with a reduced edge to remove out the entry of dampness, Cavity Insulations are vital to the building performance, so if the cavity is enlarged to suit thicker insulation, this will affect buildings efficiency. Also, the necessities of longer cavity wall ties estimated lintels and cavity closers and so forth. With 97mm thick CF5000 PIR protection in a 100mm cavity, these prerequisites are wiped out.

Composed in view of establishment proficiency, CF5000 comes in 1200 x 450mm measurements to fit standard cavity wall tie dispersing and also the simplicity of cutting. CF5000 additionally incorporates a mechanically built discounted edge profile guaranteeing that the section of dampness through the insulation is disposed of.

CF5000 is anything but difficult to slice and comes in measurements to fit with standard cavity wall insulation wall tie dispersing. This new item changes how we manage Cavity wall construction for what's to come. No more do we require wider cavities to take into account the entry of dampness. Celotex CF5000 stops any approaching dampness by pushing it out to the external leaf of property.

Product Applications

    • • Specifically focused at full fill cavitywall applications Celotex CF5000 is a premium execution PIR arrangement, spearheading in PIR innovation.
    • • Celotex CF5000 uses the entire cavity width, streamlining warm execution through the insulation, and accomplishing a lower U-value without widening the cavity.

Product Description

      • • Celotex CF5000 PIR Insulation for Full Fill Cavity Walls contains foil-faced unbending polyisocyanurate (PIR) froth sheets for use as full fill warm protection in new outer brickwork up to 25 meters in stature in residential and non-commercial structures.
      • • With its low emissivity textured aluminium foil facings, CG5000 utilizes a blowing agent that has low atmospheric deviation potential (GWP) and zero ozone depletion potential (zero ODP)

Ensured under BBA testament number 94/3080

      • • The product can be utilized where it connects the DPC in cavities; When the product is installed as per this Certificate, it will oppose any water exchange over the hole to the internal leaf.
      • • The utilization of the item does not act as a party wall fire stop to other properties attached as a terraced or apartment like structure. It is unlikely to end up lighting inside the cavity when utilized as a part of the setting of this Certificate. If fire penetrates into the cavity, the measure of air present will reduce the risk of ignition.
      • • Celotex CF500 should not be taken past flame/fire stops in any location.

Product Benefits

      • • Celotex CF5000 highlights a super low lambda of 0.021W/mK helping you accomplish UK Building Regulations and a U-values required.
      • • CF5000 has been manufactured to reduce the passage of dampness.
      • • Has a lower warm conductivity value (0.021W/mK)
      • • Is confirmed under BBA declaration number 94/3080
      • • Has a warm conductivity of 0.021W/mK offering upgraded warm execution and far superior U-values
      • • Achieves an A+ rating when installed in accordance with the BRE Green Guide
      • • Has class O fire rating
      • • Makes establishment simple with measurements to fit with standard cavity wall tie dispersing
      • • Foil facings on either side make CF5000 simple to cut
      • • Minimizes heat loss through crevices with a mechanically designed edge of tongue and grooved.

Celotex CF5000 board edges are tongue and grooved. This prevents water from entering from the outside leaf onto the inside wall.

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