Advantages of Installing Superglass Insulation

Generally cooling and heating costs account nearly more than half of the home’s energy use.
With the rising energy costs in the present scenarios and keeping the future in mind, you should make your home more energy-efficient. And, for that installing Superglass insulation
is a great investment, as it contributes towards the environment and you save more over the long-term. Use of air-conditioners and room heaters get reduced significantly, therefore you save up to 40% on your electric bills.


Advantages of Superglass insulation:


Enhanced Comfort from Thermal Insulation: It works as a barrier to the heat transfer, that helps keep out the unwanted heat during summer and preserves precious warm air in winters. A well-insulated home can stop up to 70% of all heat flow.


Easy to fit: It takes minimal time and labour to fix it on the walls. You could do it on your own without the need of professional help. For that, you need to follow some safety instructions to avoid any unwanted situations.

Cost-efficient: This is typically one of the cheapest insulation to buy and quite easy to install. So, it is no wonder that being used as the most common insulation for homes. There are a number of factors that can affect the cost of installing fibreglass insulation. It starts from £458.14 to £936.89 Incl. VAT.


Moisture resistance:It neither absorbs nor holds the water. It is also treated with water-repellent additive that offer a tough resistance to rain penetration risk, vermin, rots, and degradation.


Excellent fire protection: Made of non-combustible mineral wool, that's why considered one of the most resistant materials to fire. It do not requires any other fire-retardant chemicals and an ideal choice for the full fill or partial fill masonry wall applications. By installing it you get valuable time to save people and property, and cut environmental damage.


Acoustic control:It has excellent sound absorption quality that effectively reduces the external noise entering through the walls. Hence, good for offices, homes and commercial buildings, allowing a quiet, peaceful living and working environment.


Environmental friendly: It is a non-hygroscopic product that is chlorofluorocarbon free. It possesses zero Ozone layer depletion potential and zero Global Warming potential. A+ rating according to Bre Green Guide that promote working toward sustainable development and a greener, healthier planet.


Insulation has proven its ability by reducing utility costs, making more energy-efficient, and increasing occupant comfort in the buildings.

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