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Insulated Roofing Sheets

Browse our wide variety of easy-to-fit, low maintenance insulated roofing sheets with superior thermal performance and fire rating. To know more about Insulated roofing sheets Read Our Guide or contact a member of our team on 020 3582 6399 or via Live Chat.

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The Key Uses And Benefits Of Insulated Roofing Sheets

Insulating your home is a way of securing the entire environment and not letting any unnecessary external cold air enter your building. Ensuring appropriate temperature control throughout the building is imperative so that the living conditions are comfortable. There are many benefits of Insulated roofing sheets (or as they are also known as Insulated plasterboards), and one can simply install these above the ceilings to balance and provide a warm environment for your homes. There are various brands and insulation types of Insulated Roofing sheets available, and they all perform very well as internal wall insulation.

These roofing sheets/panels are available for affordable prices as they are very popular in houses and offices. Let us find out more about these Insulated roofing sheets, starting with the benefits.


How are Insulated roofing sheets useful?

Temperature Control – You may not need HVAC systems once you have installed insulation sheets in the desired area of your house. In colder areas, these Insulation materials trap heat and prevent the penetration of cold air inside the environment of the house and during summer it balances the temperature with colder air. 

Comfort – Comfort is simply the utmost effective benefits of these roofing insulation materials. They enable a healthy environment, and you can simply enjoy a better and more precise temperature around your house. If you are looking for comfort in your home, then these are necessary to install.

Saves money and energy – One thing is for sure that you will no longer require artificial systems to create a comfortable atmosphere around your office or home. After installing these roofing sheets and panels, you can save a lot of money on energy bills. There will be a significant amount of energy savings, and one can easily make sure that the upcoming electric bills will be significantly lower.

Longevity – Once you have installed Roofing insulation around your home, you can rest assured that you will get the lifetime of the building out of your insulation. If it is installed in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines the insulation will perform to the highest standards possible.

Sound – These insulation materials are very long lasting, and they can protect you from sound coming in and going out. Soundproofing is one of the most important criteria in every house and office if you wish to maintain a peaceful environment.

Inexpensive and affordable – Insulation materials in spite of being widely available both online and offline are very affordable as well. If you are under a fixed budget while renovating your home or during construction, then Its always best to speak to an insulation expert because not always is the more expensive insulation the best option. You maybe able to get a less expensive insulation that will do the same job but easier on the pocket.

One can fix these roofing insulation very easily, and the process is quite simple, but it might take some time for you if you are doing it all by yourself. Roofing insulation is like a thermal wall that will protect your home. Every home struggles from possible threats such as condensation, dampening and occurrences of molds as these are common in the UK. If you are looking to install some insulation then its important that you know what type of insulation you require and how much of it you need. Only then can you go out looking for prices.

Insulation4less is one of the UK’s biggest online insulation stores and can offer you not only the best range of insulation materials in the market but also at the best prices with an expert customer service team dedicated to helping you buy the right material at the right price. 

Few things to know about these insulation-roofing sheets

Fireproofing – Safety is the first concern as we think about fire in our homes. Some insulation products such as mineral wool or phenolic insulation or Class A fiberglass will help in preventing the spread of fire and in most cases can prevent it from propagating.

Condensation – Condensation is a major reason why insulation is installed because it can simply affect the entire fabric of the building and weaken it internally. There are many reasons responsible for condensation such as moisture content in the air and the presence of cold air and warm air created by heating like radiators etc. Condensation occurs when cold air encounters a heated surface. Condensation build-up is very common in every house and can really affect the foundation of the building. If your house is suffering from condensation issues, then there is nothing better than insulting your home with adequate ventilation.

Sound absorption – Sound absorption is necessary also to avoid any unnecessary sound pollution travelling from one room to another or from one building to another. The installation of acoustic insulation is very important and its imperative that it is installed with a nice snug fit. Any air gaps could allow sound travel through. Typically its best to allow a qualified contractor do this if this needs to be done to a high standard.

What are Roof Insulated Panels?


Roof insulated panels can be a few different types of products. However the core material mostly remains the same. PIR, Phenolic, EPS or XPS. They can just be a stand alone product whereby you just buy the 2.4m x 1.2m foil faced sheet. Alternatively you could buy the Insulated Plasterboard option which is your standard foil face pir or phenolic insulation with a Plasterboard attached. this allows you to fix the board to your wall and then your plasterer just needs to come in and finish. You do not need another trade to come along and fit the plasterboards before the plasterer because its already on the wall.
The above-mentioned points will help you to figure out your options when you are short-listing what materials you need for your job. If you want to buy any insulation products at very competitive prices then you have to check out Insulation4less and their range of products.

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