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This product will provide a dual density thermal and acoustic insulation solution for all floors. Thermal ROCKFLOOR® provides thermal performance for ground floors and Acoustic ROCKFLOOR® delivers impact sound protection for intermediate and separating floors. Floor insulation by ROCKWOOL has excellent acoustic and thermal properties.

  • High compressive and point load resistance
  • Minimises thermal and acoustic bridging
  • Easy handling and fitting
  • Absorbs sub-floor imperfections
  • Can be placed over or under the over site slab

Technical Information

Dimensions600mm x 1000mm
ThicknessThermal - 50, 80,100mm//Acoustic - 25, 30, 50mm
Thermal ConductivityThermal - 0.038 W/mK // Acoustic - 0.040 W/mK
Acoustic PropertiesAcoustic ROCKFLOOR® achieves Part E (resistance to sound) when installed in accordance to ROCKWOOL guidelines
Fire PropertiesEuroclass A1
Water RepellencyWater Repellent
EnvironmentalZero ODP & GWP
StandardsBS EN 13162, ISO 14001: 2004

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