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Quinntherm insulation is used for a wide variety of applications. Insulation4less supplies the full Quinntherm range of products with full nationwide delivery available for most products.

Thermal insulation is just as important for any building construction as the other raw materials required in its building process. is the leading brand for providing you with the perfect insulation systems required in building your dream projects. Thermal insulation maintains the temperature of the building and it is therefore important that you choose only the best.

Quinntherm Cavitywall Insulation is majorly designed to be installed in masonry walls for partial fill cavity insulation. The boards are constructed out of PIR foam (polyisocyanurate) that is connected to composite facings on both the sides. It is equipped with built-in gas cells which ensures an excellent thermal performance and provides great strength within the cavity. The insulation system implemented within the cavity differ the thermal performance of the walls by a huge extent. The thickness of the insulations in this range ensures that it delivers the exact amount of thermal insulation required within the cavity. This avoids the need to have a cavity which is greater than 100mm of width.

The Quinntherm Cavitywall Insulation does not absorb water easily and hence are suitable for usage in damp environment. It is light-weight, robust and easy to manage. It can be cut easily using a sharp knife or saw. It is durable and will last as long as the lifespan of the building itself.
The Quinntherm Cavitywall Insulation boards come in shrink-wrapped packets. The boards are meant to be stored away from direct sunlight and under cover, keeping it flat. A little instruction for the usage of the board is that you should take care to not knock the corners or the edges of the boards while handling Quinntherm. The boards are durable and perform impeccably during the service life of the buildings.


  • These boards does not readily absorb water and hence are suitable for use in damp environments
  • Light, robust and easy to handle; it can be worked using a saw or sharp knife
  • Durable and will perform for the service life of the building
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