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Internal Wall Insulation

Up to 35% of heat is lost through poorly insulated walls in homes. Upgrading your internal wall insulation is an excellent way to make long-term savings and improve the comfort of your home.

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Why do you need Internal Wall insulation?

Internal wall insulation is an essential way of insulating your home to maintain heat and to keep your home warm. Wall insulation is extremely necessary in colder countries as it locks in the heat and blocks out the cold and harsh weather. The installation of Internal wall insulation means you cut costs on energy bills while enjoying a more comfortable living environment. Let’s now talk about the need of Internal Wall insulation and its key benefits in a little more detail.

Acoustic Insulator – Insulation works great when it comes to reducing noise pollution. One of the most important purposes of internal wall insulation is being comfortable in your home, and with well insulated walls one can relax especially at night as external sounds are muted. You do not have to worry about a single pinch of sound once you have installed high quality wall insulation.

Temperature Control – Temperature control is what these wall insulators do best. They will minimize the cold and heat up the environment within your homes. There will be no waste of energy through your walls, and this allows you to make sure that the temperature is well maintained. One can also expect a lower electricity bill every month, and that can be a quick money saver also.

Fire Protection - Internal wall insulation is a great way to protect from fire. In the event of a fire, our non-combustible insulation slows the spread of the flames. In addition, polystyrene boards can help resist fire, and they are very good retardants during an emergency. Big organizations and offices use internal wall insulators with fireproofing as an extra precaution as they are more prone to experiencing short circuits.

Condensation Reduction - The use of Mineral wools, Natural materials, Foam boards and planned ventilation is required results in far less condensation build up. Eliminating Condensation is a significant task that should be performed correctly to get the most out of your insulation.

Things worth knowing when installing wall thermal insulation

There will be cold bridges, floor voids and other reveals that must be taken care of. One must remove everything that is fixed on the walls such as – radiators, pipes, covings, kitchen cabinets, Kitchen cabinets, light switches, curtain rails, fitted wardrobes etc. Chalking out the right methods are necessary before installing insulators. Fix insulation by building a stud wall.The connecting of the joints and skimming of plasterboard is necessary to give it the finishing needed for optimum results.

Preparing the walls for internal insulation

It is important to check the condition of the wall. The condition of the walls will determine the preparation that is needed. You must inspect damp areas and decide whether the old plaster needs to be hacked off. There are many factors to verify –

-Whether the insulators can be fixed with the help of adhesive

-Whether you need mechanical fixing

-Whether battening is required to provide a flat surface

If the wall is damp, then the insulators can worsen the temperature of the wall and this will result in more dampness/damage. If you have a damp wall, then you must make sure that all the damp is taken care of first. By redoing the wall with damp proof materials along with a fresh coat of paint you will be in a better decision to install insulation and receiving positive results.

Dry lining Insulation

This is a process by which internal walls are fixed with insulators with dry lining instead of plastering, and this can be a quick alternative. Dry lining involves masonry of metal and timber and unlike traditional plastering; this needs no water at all. This new type of insulation fixing can increase thermal efficiency. One needs to be cautious in selecting the right plasterboard because these are available in a large range of different sizes and lengths. The process of installation is effortless, and you only need to know the right method to go about it. If you are about to fix dry lining to metal or timber frames, tacking or using screws is the best approach.

The pros of internal wall insulation

-Less expensive than the external wall insulation.

-If you cannot insulate your property externally then this might be the only option for you.

-You can have breathability and ventilation with this IWI.

-They are not very costly, and they are sorted by their Width, thermal conductivity, length, price, thickness, coverage, brand and category meaning you are spoiled for choice.

We here at Insulation4Less hope to have successfully informed you of all the benefits internal wall insulation has to offer! Go ahead and browse our large range of insulation and remember that a member of our support team is always here to help!
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